The Future of Finance Technology: 6 Innovations to Watch
January 9, 2024

Navigating Your Finances in College: Top 5 Must-Have Fintech Apps for Students

Managing finances for higher-learning students can be complex and daunting in today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world. Fortunately, advancements in financial technology (fintech) have led to the development of a myriad of applications designed to simplify this process. Here are five essential fintech apps that every student should consider downloading to stay on top of their financial […]

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Introduction to Fintech
October 19, 2022

An Introduction to Fintech

Fintech companies have many advantages over incumbents. They are smaller and more flexible, allowing them to offer various financial services at significantly lower costs. Financial technology also don’t have to worry about the existing technological infrastructure, which is a major problem for incumbents. Older tech infrastructure is often outdated, and patches are often layered on […]

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